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About This Game

Solstice is a very retro wargame, heavily inspired by the classic games Lords of Midnight, Doomdarks Revenge and Sorderon's Shadow. Solstice is not a remake of any of these games but takes its lead from these games to develop a new gaming challenge for lovers of turn-based, menu driven strategy. Displayed using hand-drawn artwork, and using a pseudo-3D technique, often referred to as landscaping, which echoes the games of the time.

Set in the mythical land of Dourfrost, a land, trapped in an eternal winter, a land of fantastic beasts, magic and war,

Explore and battle across an open world, populated with 11 different mythical races (at launch), and well over a hundred and twenty characters, each with his or her likes, dislikes, needs, aims, desires and loyalties that shape the game and conflicts to come.

On release, Solstice will feature one very challenging, turn-based scenario, offering many hours of game-play.

The Rise of the Demon King.

While the lords and ladies of Dourfrost have squabbled over petty disputes and brokered and broken pacts and alliances, a dark power has been rising in the south. A power that will shake the entire land and threatens to overwhelm all that stands before it, and enslave everyone in its path.

Sator Grimward, a dark sorcerer, once thought long defeated, has risen again and united the tribes of the Ice Guard. Can Calith, king of the free folk muster the lords and ladies of Dourfrost, and overcome old bitterness, to bring a force of Freefolk, Dwarfs, Fey, Sidhe, Giants, and 6 other races together to defeat the rising storm.

JimJams games are a small, indie development team with a love for the retro games of the '80s and '90s. We only develop games that embrace that era, aiming to provide true classicly styled gaming, with a massive retro feel, maybe with a slight hint of what these games would have been with a little more processing power.

We don't aim to develop AAA games, but simply to bring our passion for a time gone by to those who love truly classic themed and inspired games. If this is a genre and era that you love, then our games are for you. d859598525

Title: Solstice
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Strategy, Early Access
JimJams Games
JimJams Games
Release Date: May 2019


  • OS: Windows 7 or better
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.80 Ghz or higher
  • Memory: 2 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Nivida 850M or better
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 50 MB available space
  • Sound Card: N/A


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Visuals are beautiful, enjoyed the music. While there's no voice acting, it's nice that they use various sound effects to emphasize specific sentences (for example, one reminded me a bit of Ace Attorney's Objection! sound effect). Unfortunately, I get some technical issues (mainly a memory leak, see below) on my aging Win7x64 computer.

Like most VNs, you should enjoy reading. Scenes (like meeting characters) are often mixed with journal/diary-like entries where you read your thoughts on the situation and build up to the next scene.

You follow the story of two characters- learning more and more about them, the isolated city they've moved into, and its inhabitants as the game progresses. You can often guide the attitude or direction of conversation but you should know that you don't have full control. Characters aren't a blank slate. I was fine with it but just something to note.

As a note: there is romance (complete with cheesy lines), there's some blunt talk about sex, and there are fade-to-black moments (nothing shown). You can avoid romance if you're uncomfortable with it.

Another nice VN from the developer of Cinders. If you enjoyed one you should check out the other.

Other thoughts:

  • I would've liked more setting controls (like volume sliders).
  • While the VN standard is to have characters emote in various poses for lines of dialogue, the poses here are often animated (not fluid animation, just repeating a frame or two) which is a nice touch.
  • Your choices kind of adjust the attitude/perspective/thought pattern characters have which may change the epilogue and flavor dialogue here or there (or more rarely the options you have available).
  • Permanently set to skip unread text only (which is nice unless you are replaying and lost your save file from re-installation or something). Would be nice to have the option to skip all text (and then also more rollback).
  • It's really helpful that the game automatically collects notes about things you learn as the game progresses so you have an easy (though not 100% comprehensive) reference to things you learn about characters and the city.
  • I enjoyed that some mysteries were unclear to me. There are various suspects and there is various circumstantial evidence that you could use, pointing to different people but you don't necessarily get the big picture until it's too late.
  • I enjoyed the variety of epilogues.
  • I wish there was a secret/specific path where you could find evidence against a certain person before the trial. It would make understanding what's happened and using your knowledge in repeat playthroughs more meaningful.

Bug thoughts:
  • After long sessions I get an Out of Memory Error error. It seems like I'm experiencing a memory leak (memory usage climbs as scenes change). The game goes from 100KB+ on launch to over 3GB before it crashes. Autosave worked well enough after a crash.
  • Doesn't feel like skip works perfectly. I figured out that for whatever reason it usually didn't work (pressing it only made the sound effect) but if I rolled back a line I could always enable skip mode that skipped to the next choice. It then worked properly when re-enabling it after an unread section (though it bugs out again when ending skip mode manually). It's unfortunate that skip mode doesn't skip the journal entry intermissions, though.
  • For some reason I get an application error (memory could not be written) on launch but as long as I ignore the box (moving it away) I can play the game. I noticed that it launched a GOG Galaxy service (I have GOG Galaxy installed but not running) and on a whim I decided to remove Galaxy.dll and GOG.gml.dll from the steam Solstice install folder. Doing so made the application error not appear.
  • Once while skipping text in the party scene, I noticed Lem and Yani were too far to the left (Yani offscreen, Lem halfway onscreen, perhaps because earlier on the screen shifted to the right earlier in the scene to avoid eavesdropping).
  • Once I randomly encountered a fatal error (out of bounds, called from - gml_Object_character_animated_parent_Draw_0 (line 33)) but it worked fine when loading the autosave and I never saw the error again.
. Wish there was a 'meh' option. I didn't hate this? but I can't really say I'd recommend it.

The romantic interests were really boring and felt as shoed in as the romances in most action movies. Good thing there was the option to completely ignore them without hurting/changing the plot at all.

The game's very pretty. The character designs are great for the protagonists .. (not for the romance interests) ... but the plot didn't really change enough based on your actions. There might be a slightly different scene here or there, but it all leads to the same ending where one of 5 things happens.

The variants system is a little irritating as one character only really has 3 variants? but you need to get them 3 times each because they're counted as different across 3 endings despite no real changes between them.

The world building was good, and the location was nice, but I honestly feel not enough was done with the setting.

Overall I just felt .. disappointed. There's some good here. But on the whole I just can't recommend it unless you're getting it on sale, and not expecting much from it.. With a good processor skipping is as fast as lightning. It’s a wondrous, fascinating game with animated paintings. There are some moves: writing (illogic of being ambidextrous), tapping, face expressions
This dome city has a mystery Galen and Yani will uncover. Numerous characters and choices. Some of them change nothing like there’s fatality. The story seemed so long to me when I’ve seen it’s not over arresting a culprit. I love there’s thinking despite the powerlessness felt. I was surprised to learn we have a secret role. Sometime I don’t remember how I got someone’s trust. It’s a good idea to put doubt on the core of evil. It’s a shame to often need to make a team to get out from a trap. At the hidden chamber, there’s a tree with apples twirling like she’s touching the forbidden fruit. She forgets she won’t be free this way ! I was a bit surprised to learn who’s guilty. As we replay we notice he/she often says what he/she doesn’t think.
Yakone ruins Kala myth quite fast but her vision is well-thought when she says it’s for obedience . Kasiya is nonchalant, he’ll tell why.
Replaying brings more info to enlighten facts. The endings menu is a good reminder of sub elements.. Solstice is a beautiful EVN brought by the creators of Cinders but this time it's an original story (as far as I know).
A story driven game with many choices that has the potential to shape your characters outlook and behaviour by how you respond to other characters. Lead by 2 character with different prespectives with each their own secrets.
The story is full of mysteries and lore with must have replayability. Recommended for VN lovers.. The moment it launched and theme music flew into my ear, I knew I would love this game, and I was right!

Everything was so beautiful, hand-drawing arts and well-written plots, especially the music, which was absolutely master grade, even after I finished the game, I sometimes leave them playing when I was doing other stuffs.. Overall rating 6/10 - Okay, if you get it on a good sale, and are looking for a pretty, casual time waster.

Not a great game, but not the worst "choices matter visual novel" I have played.

1) Nice grahics, very pretty, but nothing truly spectacular
2) Interesting story, but nothing too deep or complex. A bit simple and that can be both good and bad for a visual novel where choices matter.
3) Runs great, no bugs or technical issues, even a a toaster.
4) Tons of gratuitous sex, violence, more sex,, more violence. All subjective, - these could be either a plus or minus for different preferences.Please be aware that both hetero and homo "romance" and sex is part of the story. If this offends you, then this ISN'T the game for you.
5) You play 2 characters, one male, one female. So you have a male protagonist and a female protagonist. If you are stuck on only playing one or the othe, this game is not for you.
6) Trading Cards and achievements- TC's drop as expected, are cheap to buy fr the badge, and the achievements all are easy enough to get for a 100% game, if that's your interest. But the 100% game will not come quickly, it will require multiple playthroughs to unlock the different ending achievements.

1) Lots of gratuitous sex and violence. Basically, no real "romance", justt kinky, sloppy sex and many innuendos, used to pad a fairly weak overall story.
2) Choices do matter, but I was never quite sure how they mattered. An icon shows in the top right corner when something happens due to one of your choices, but the clarity of how that choice affected the outcome is not made clear, at all.
3) Limited replay. TONS of text, that makes the game somewhat slow,if you read and consider it all. I will replay to get all possible endings, but after the first playthrough of 4.7 hours, I feel like I can just rapidly click through without paying attention to anything but where I make a choice, and will simply make different ones than I did before. The story is not that deep, and does not draw me in enough to care if I missed any "juicy tidbits" when I play through again.
4) Too much dependance on the gratuitous sex, violence, alcohol and drug useage. I would have liked a more fleshed out and complex story, without the R rated stuff thrown in for padding to make the playtime go longer. Leave out the sex, violence, alcohol and drugs, and the playtime would be cut in half as far as playtime goes, and the story would be very dry and uninteresting.
5) The music was loud, repetitive, and not that interesting. Mostly annoyingly loud and repetitive.
6) Too much dependance on racial and cultural stereotypes, none jarringly negative, but still there, and still fairly obvious stereotypes. Spme of these could be "offensive" to the truly "sensitive" types out there. They shouldn;t be, but they will be too those who are easily triggered.

Good looking game, a decent time waster if you have nothing better to do. But not something I would recommend paying anywhere near full price for. Very few settings options for anything, audi, video, music, resolutions, etc. But it's a simple visual novel, I suppose it doesn;t need many. But being able to trun the music down, isntead of only being able to turn it off, would have been nice, at the very least.

I got the game on sale. at a deep discount, so I am not disappointed too greatly with the time I got from it, and te time i will waste on it to get all achievements. But I would NEVER pay full price for this game. I would be ticked off if I had.

Your Mileage May Vary. Widely.
. Solstice is a Science Fantasy visual novel with a Choose Your Own Adventure book structure to its narrative. It features four different endings that can be modified more or less depending on which choices you pursue over the course of the game.

The main portion of story unfolds within a small city named The Jewel of the North, in a unnamed fictional world. This marvel is protected from the frozen wasteland that surrounds it through the means of advanced technology fused and enhanced with magic. As a result the inhabitants can live in it as though it was summer.

Our two protagonists arrive at the city just before it is caught off, by the ruthless weather in this unforgiving climate, for the upcoming winter solstice. A seemingly small crisis soon befall the city and we seek out to prevent it from escalating into a catastrophe. By the end we get more insight into the cities structure and how it has come to its current permutation. How it has shaped its inhabitants, our protagonists and antagonist(s) outlook on life.

The game boats multifaceted and well fleshed out characters, society structure and cultures. With the first being in the forefront of the tale, but supported well by the other two in service of the tale that's explored. Beautiful music and background art enhances the experience to great effect.

The main negative aspect for me was that the auto text speed was either bugged or it simply only had too fast options for my reading speed. But overall a great game and bodes well for, hopefully, more games by MoaCube.
. Although it not a strong hit to me like Cinders, Solstice still a very well make visual novel. No trope/"type" char, each character unique in their own way. Our protagonists aren't hero to save the world, or be the righteous, they just a character like other characters in a big picture, their influence also limit, which is very realistic, a very nice things to see. None of the choice is "right choice" too, there only the way you will prefer than others.
To sum up, Solstice very worth my money and playing time. 100% recommend!

Fixed ghosts achievements:
Fixed ghosts achievements. Now empty cubes are determined specifically..

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