OMSI 2 Add-on Citybus I260 Series Usb Download

OMSI 2 Add-on Citybus I260 Series Usb Download

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Citybus i260 - City bus of large capacity. This is a high-floor bus with 3 doors, engine in the center and rear wheel drive.

This series of buses started produced in 1973 in Hungary. At the core of the bus design was a modular system, thanks to which it became possible to build buses of various lengths for various needs. It was released more than 30 modifications, including urban, suburban and even trolley buses.

The addon includes several modifications that were produced from 1984 to 1996 for different countries. Buses have a manual transmission and a 6-cylinder engine. Modifications are presented:

  • Citybus i260.02 - buses of this model are built under the requirements of Germany. There is a small number of vents (1 or 2 pcs.) In the side windows in different places.
  • Citybus i260.02 overhaul - i260.02 buses that have been overhauled in Hungary. Later most of them remained in Hungary, but some of them were sold to Russia. They are distinguished from the usual version by the partition between the driver and passengers and the new planetary doors installed as a result of the overhaul.
  • Citybus i260.37 - buses of this model are built under the requirements of the Soviet state. The buses are equipped with old-style seats and a partition between the driver and passengers. Vents are available in all side windows.
  • Citybus i260.50 is a modernized bus for the Soviet state. They received new seats and a new partition between the driver and passengers with the possibility of the driver entering from the street.
  • Citybus i260.50 Kurgan edition are i260.50 buses built in Russia from Hungarian vehicle sets. Their differences from the base model are in the installed new planetary doors.

  • addon with one of the largest numbers of repaints and modifications
  • various types of doors and partitions between the driver and the passenger compartment
  • a large number of parts inside for tuning the exterior and interior of the bus
  • extensive adjustment options for repainting thanks to the Setvar system.
  • possibility of installation of onboard and state numbers
  • highly detailed engine and chassis
  • excellent model optimization indicators for its use in traffic

Title: OMSI 2 Add-on Citybus i260 Series
Genre: Simulation
Aerosoft GmbH
Release Date: 9 May, 2019


Well, my feelings towards this add-on will be biased because this is THE bus from my childhood, alongside the i280..With that being said, the developer has done an absolutely fantastic job. I've been driving with it for a while now and have no issues with it yet..
This is a great recreation of a rough workhorse of a bus. Just as I remember them to be! Big thanks to the developer!
Definitely recommend!. Overall, all works fine. Reading some of the first 7 reviews on steam, I was expecting a lot of bugs. This is not the case so far.

- Rollbands work perfectly ok.
- Wheels and interior shows up perfectly fine for me.
- Handling was entirely fine.
- Sounds are the same level of quality as with the Ikarus 280 DLC. They are OK, but I wish they would record higher quality engine sounds of a real life 260. That's my biggest gripe\/suggestion so far.
- The manual should be in your "OMSI 2\/Addons" folder. It is there for me.

Other than the sounds, its a great DLC. At this point in time, clearly a thumbs up from me.

I'll come back to this review to expand it after some more playtime. This model is an absolute classic, glad it got the "deluxe treatement" from Bustrainz.

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