Love is Not Just About Luck The general consensus is that having a great relationship is down to luck. However, there is much more to finding and keeping the perfect partner than you can imagine.

Just like in other areas of your life, if you don't have a plan then it will be just down to luck. But, if you ‘plan’ and have a positive ‘expectation’ for it to happen your chances of success increase dramatically.

Goals are your first step to preparing for your ‘ideal’ love

Without goals you could end up with a bad relationship; unsatisfied or even more lonely than you would be if you were not alone.

Without an understanding of the type of partner you are looking for when dating online, or how you would like your relationship to progress, you could end up with you being the loser.

By setting love goals you give your mind direction. When your mind has direction it will begin to create ideas for achieving what you have planned.

When you have taken time to think and plan you will find that ideas will just pop into your mind, as if out of the blue; thoughts that you can follow which lead you to opportunities. Opportunities you wouldn’t normally have thought of.

Already in a relationship? How could you make it better?

How could you make it better? Would you like to:

  • Communicate better with each other?
  • Be able to express feelings and share experiences?
  • Have more time on your own?
  • Have more time with your partner?
  • Know where your relationship is going?
  • Be more open about children, marriage, travelling or building a business together?

This is your chance to design your ideal relationship.

Looking for love?

The key word here is THINK

  • Take time to THINK and focus on what you want
  • Be clear and THINK about the ‘type’ of relationship you want
  • THINK carefully what you want out of life
  • THINK about what sort of person you’d like to share your life with
  • THINK how your relationship should make you ‘feel’
  • THINK about the things you would like to do together
  • THINK which qualities you would like in your partner?

Whatever your relationship status, your love goals are your instructions to your subconscious to help create your new, improved future.

Every tips and advice here contains all the must-have information about how to make understanding and setting your love goals simple, enjoyable and effective. 

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