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- - - IMPORTANT NOTE - - -
We haven't been able to work on this game for a long while now. Even though we feel the game is in a very playable state it is important to know that we don't know when and if we can pick up work again. The current version offers a lot of fun for those looking for a competitive local multiplayer game, but if you are hoping for an active Early Access project: this is not it.
Also several players reported the game crashing when using the WiFi Controller app. We don't know what causes this and we don't know if we can fix this. If you would rely on the phone controllers for playing the game, we recommend not buying this now and wait to see if we find a solution.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Really slow racing for 3 to 8 players

Chalo Chalo is a racing game that doesn't focus on speed, but on tactical choices and outsmarting your friends. You compete locally with three to eight players at the same time on the same screen.

A unique landscape is generated for each race. During the countdown you make a plan, taking into account the terrain, your opponents and the power pickups.

With a special power, or just a simple nudge, you can send an opponent off track, sometimes with fatal consequences. But when the others are closing in, be sure you can pull it off without harming your own position.

Use a gamepad or your phone

If you don't have enough gamepads, download the experimental controller for your Android or iOS device. Find the app by searching your app store of choice for 'Chalo Chalo WiFi controller'. Download the app and connect to the same WiFi network as the computer running Chalo Chalo. Follow the on-screen instructions to join a match.

Local Multiplayer 'Casual eSport'

Please be aware that Chalo Chalo currently has no single player, two player or online multiplayer modes. You need three to eight people with a controller each to play.

We don't rule out the possibility of adding additional play modes in the future, but please don't buy the game unless it looks like you'd enjoy it in its current state - If you can gather a few friends we're confident that you will!


Title: Chalo Chalo
Genre: Indie, Racing, Sports, Strategy, Early Access
Redshift Media, Sparpweed
Redshift Media, Sparpweed
Release Date: 24 Oct, 2016


This is an awesome game that is unlike anything you can play at the moment. We first played in Berlin at the video game museum. It's great to be able to play with a big group especially non-gamers. I really want to see more people try this game. Can't wait to see hos it progresses.. I have met with the developers at Indiecade Europe 2016 and had a chance to try the game there. Bought the game immediately after that.
It is a great party game. The controls are very simple and very easy to pick up.

When I play with my friends the goal for everyone is usually not "to win the game", but to "to prevent others from winning the game"; so it is a great example of a "Friendship Ruining" game. About 10 minutes into playing everyone will start yelling curses at each other.

Recommended.. Really cool and really neat concept. I think it would be nice if the app didn't bug out so much. Boyfriend played as one color and got changed three times during one game. One reviewer did mention the difficulty in pointing out player dots. I think that could use some work as well. Either way, I'm really digging what this is so far and I hope you all do more with it!. This game is lots of fun! Very easy to pick up, hard to put down. Looking forward to the implementation of cell phone controllers and perhaps some new items. I have no idea what all the developers have in store, but even at its current price point, is well worth the couch fun with buddies.. A wonderfully clever party game, super approachable and friendly to players of all levels.. The good: I love party games. Chalo Chalo is a great party game. Had a blast playing it for about half an hour on a friend\u2019s machine with a group of seven people at various levels of intoxication. The game was everything that was advertised. Easy to pick up, everyone could get the controller app, and connect in under 5 minutes.

The bad: We had a few issues with disconnects mid-game and players' dots would just wander off the screen. Also, I get that the devs are probably going for some aesthetic with the pastels for each player\u2019s dot, but half the players had a hard time picking out their dot.

The unacceptable: One of our players was colorblind. The player couldn't tell the difference between the fast (green) and the death (red) tiles. Considering that around 1 in 20 people are colorblind and the game is made for 8 players, the likelihood that someone at your party is colorblind is fairly high. It is completely unacceptable that there is no colorblind palette option.

Add a colorblind mode. Add a mode with more distinct colors for the dots.

TL;DR: Chalo Chalo is a fun party game. It needs a colorblind mode or you won\u2019t be able to play it at parties.
. Hey there! I am a (actualy quite new but eager) fan of your work and came along Chalo Chalo while playing Ibb & Obb with a friend of mine. A few hours later, we were eight people sitting together and yelling curses at each other while playing your game :blueduck:
No but seriously, pretty cool game! You can easily turn it into a drinking game if you want, and people can join or leave the game without realy breaking the flow or tension.
Thumbs up!

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