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Title: An Adventurer's Tale
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Epic Works, Top Hat Studios Inc
Top Hat Studios Inc
Release Date: 23 May, 2019


an adventurer's tale

Constant crashes and game play so boring that not even meth can keep you from falling asleep make this game utterly trash. I just want a good Hentai RPG to play, and this was not it.. I wouldn't recommend buying it NOW, give it a couple batches of patches so you can actually play through without being forced to reset your progress after most battle encounters. I'd like to know where I can post the errors to so I can actually fight some of the bosses rather then reload saves and hope they don't use a move that crashes the game.. The game bugged out a couple of time. No biggie. But, oh man, it's soooo boring, confusing and the introduction is blatantly stupid. Combat is summed up with 'click this bad guy and wait 30 seconds before you can click it again'. I wanted to love this game, yet it's so short from what is advertise. Go with Loren, Amazon princess, it's so much superior.. I really want to like this game, but man is it bugged to all hell. Most boss's crash the game, important quests like talking to travelers and such give errors, I cant even walk into the kraken's den without crashing the game. Oh Well.. I'm not usually one for reviews but I have to say this game is addicting and the story is really well done. I think this one I'll be playing over quite a few times as there's lots to explore and do in the game world. There has been some problems with crashes but they are getting fixed really fast and compared to the early release on Itch it's already so much better. Knowing that I've started over a few times and still get a good laugh out of the dialog so for me it has high replay value. Overall for the price they are asking this game is definitely worth it.. There might be a decent game somewhere here, however as it stands it is let down by combat in a massive way. The combat is so slow and dull. It takes all the joy out of the game. I might revisit the game if there was an option to speed up the battles or even automate them.

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