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Virus Z

Virus Z is a 3D zombie shooter with a third-person view. You must wade through crowds of the walking dead with your partner.

Zombies are very fast here, and you will struggle to get away from them, so you must rely only on your reflexes and accuracy. Also, from out of nowhere, a huge monster-mutant may appear at any time. An arsenal from a variety of weapons - from a baseball bat to a grenade launcher, will be at your disposal. You will also be helped by another character. And remember, you must not let him die!


- Beautiful, realistic graphics.
- Many types of weapons.
- Various levels.
- Pleasant sound effects and music. 7aa9394dea

Title: Virus Z
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Falco Software
OtakuMaker SARL
Release Date: 23 Jun, 2017


Not an awful game, especially for like two GBP but yeah, the camera angle (supposed the be like an old-school game, I guess) is a little annoying and a few other issues but get what you pay for but yeah, I feel like the people behind this should look at stuff like 'L4D' and the 'DayZ' mod and sort the camera out too...I mean if you like the camera angle, cool but yeah, that and the fact you have no cover system, make this really not a game I will play much again, if at all...but thanks for the interesting experience...

. The game works.
It has fast zombies.
The gameplay is very samey.
The perspective is frustrating to use.
I just didn't have very much fun playing it. :(


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