Unearthing Colossal Download Utorrent Windows 10

Unearthing Colossal Download Utorrent Windows 10

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About This Game

Take on the role of an epic titan of death named Reaper.

Your nemesis the Bringer of Life has broken from tradition - the cycles of life - and created a sentient race known as the Humans. They don't want the cycles of life to claim them and neither does Bringer of Life.
Now it's up to you as Reaper to complete the cleansing cycles of life and death.

  • Destroy objects and solve puzzles with the use of 2D physics.
  • Take matters into your own hands. Use the environment around you like trees and other objects as weapons to crush your enemies.
  • Upgrade Reaper by harvesting souls. Souls can be spent on upgrading weapons to last longer during combat or to upgrade Reaper himself for various benefits.
  • Defeat epic bosses throughout the game.

Title: Unearthing Colossal
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Power Up to Maximum, Liens
Power Up to Maximum, Liens
Release Date: 21 Oct, 2016


unearthing colossal. unearthing colossal steam

This looks like a game from 90s. It has a lot of potential but also a lot of game design flaws.. A wonderfully designed, interesting and unique game riddled with polish issues and bugs.

I'd be more than happy to revisit the game and change my tune at a later date, at the moment a lot of the games tutorial text seems to be bugged, the worst issue in that regard being the upgrading of stats, as I entered the room of the game in which you do so, a tutorial text appeared giving what I assume were directions in upgrading, I did see what I thought was the key you are supposed to press 'W'. I stood on the highlighted green podium and pressed W...to no avail. I held W in, I smashed W, I even shift+w'd. None of this worked and even after deleting local content I was never able to replay the tutorial to figure out what I was supposed to do.

The combat in the game is great unfortunately large parts of what makes you take damage are very undefined, I found my self dying to random objects I'd step on as well as other quirky incidents.

Overall the game carries a unique and interesting concept but it seems the delivery lacks finishing touch.

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