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This is an AVG with a fascinating story. As the protagonist, you'll embark on a enchanting journey with the lovely female MC.
Fancy meeting you. We are delighted to dedicate a play of nearly 10,000 words, an engrossing fresh and curing story told by famous VAs and excellent painters with the fascinating, exquisitely crafted melody. Start the extraordinary journey with her. You will meet each other, know each other and rely on each other. So, what sparks will spurt between you?

Since graduation from junior middle school, Mr. Heh has suspended his school life, and lived a decadent life. Since then, he has been killing time by playing games at home from morning till night every day. He has been increasingly worthy of the name as 「Fat Otaku」.
One night he felt hungry and decided to get a late night snack from the drug store downstairs…
He met this girl that would change his life.

The chance we met, was a gift from the heaven. At first, I thought it was a nightmare, but in time, we began to know each other, to understand our pains, we both chose to tolerate, to accept each other. So the nightmare turned out to be a sweet dream, and because of you, my life became full of colors from that moment.

Beautiful character portraits and CGs
Pleasant background music
Sweet and heart-warming story

【Main Characters】
CV: 灵缡心
A girl who suddenly appears in front of Mr. Heh.

With adorable and charming appearance, she always arouses protection desire of others.
However, an unknown disposition is hidden behind her angel appearance.

CV: 闲踏梧桐

Mr. Heh’s desk mate in junior high school, a shy and inarticulate girl.
Due to her disposition, she has had very few friends since her childhood.
She was ever Mr. Heh’s best friend. However, an incident
has led to a rift in their relation. 7aa9394dea

Title: The Moment We Met
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Simulation
Release Date: 16 Oct, 2018

English,Simplified Chinese

This visual novel bills itself as an "enchanting journey with [a] lovely female MC," but most people who play it will probably disagree. The focus of the story is the protagonist Mr. Heh's life with a young girl, Quin, that he runs into (literally) one night. As he tries to help her up, she threatens to frame him as a molester and he is forced to act like her servant and let her freeload at his house. The story later provides justification for her actions, but most people will probably (and understandably) be annoyed by her anyways. <\/span><\/span>
He also reunites with an old classmate, Luo. However, the game ends before we see too much of their relationship (there will apparently be a sequel in which she figures more prominently, though no details are available about this in English yet).

It takes about 1.5-3 hours to complete a playthrough and there are no choices\/routes. The art is decent and there are plenty of CGs for such a short game. The voice acting is kind of meh, though.
On to the most important part, English translation quality. SakuraGame is known for its poor translations (among other things that you can look up). The Moment We Met actually has a pretty good translation. You should be able to fully understand the story without knowing any Chinese, which could not have been said about some SakuraGame's earlier releases. There are many minor errors, however, and line breaks often occur in the middle of a word.

Overall, I don't think this game will appeal to all or even most people. However, if you want to give it a try then the low price point means you don't have much to lose.

Note: On release, the English release of the game was unplayable due to some pretty serious bugs. These were fixed within the first few days of release. My original review is below:


If you are familiar with SakuraGame in any way, then you know that their "English" translations are nowhere near the quality most people are willing to accept for a visual novel. Anyone who buys one of their releases should know what they are getting into so I won't be commenting on the translation quality any further.

The problem with this release is that it fails to live up to even the relatively low standards SakuraGame has set for themselves in terms of English releases. It is not even possible to launch the game normally with an English language operating system, as you will get an error about the game's text encoding. Once you switch operating system language or use a locale emulator to start the game, you will run into repeated errors within the first few minutes of gameplay. The only way to get past these errors is to switch the game's language to Chinese. Essentially, the English release isn't even a release as the game cannot be played in English!

TL;DR: Learn Chinese or wait for a bug fix before buying this.. Wow, I liked this alot more than I expected to.

Translation needs some work, it's not the worst I've seem by far, but somebody needs to explain that there is a difference between to and too.

Also the words often run over the space provided, so you miss the end of the sentence.
Words are also cut in half between lines (as seen in some of the screen shots) maybe this is done in Chinese books?
In English books this is considered the height of bad grammar.
(I think grammar is the right word?).

But yea being bossed about by a lolli works for me on so many levels.
What can I say I'm a \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ing degenerate.

Artwork is great and the background music does the job, UI is fine apart from leaving insufficient room for English translation.

I would pay for full English voice acting DLC for the female characters.. Where should I start Now then Main OC Named Mr.Heh Lol that Name is funny to em Trust me I Laughed when I saw and heard it. Anyways He kinda Lost the love of his Life When all of the sudden She was tooken away from him oin the Blink of an eye He lost all Hope and He was Depressed, All of Sudden This Mystery Girl Named Quin Appeared in his Life where she was the Boss so to speak And kept calling Heh Puppy and was Barking orders Around Cause who doesnt do that right lol Basiclly Trying to get Him to do stuff for her or else he would suffer getting his CGS Deleted off of his own VN Game he worked so har dofr. In time they both bonded and shared each others Past and learned from each other and How they can co exist Plus Heh also thought of His Long Lost friend Luo in Whom he Really didnt want to see her Cause of the Recent event that Took place Long ago he was Made fun of. In all thoughQuin had Horrible Parents well Adopted ones that Treated her Horrible and used her for money and got what they wanted it but in return They soon found out they were framed in the act and Now Quin Lives with her oni chan. In the end it was Very Good VN I Quite Enjoyed it very much ^^ I would Recc thsi to ANyone who Loves These Types and also Take care of your Brother and or Sister.. weird need info to change into english language. Lovely game, altough the translations were kinda poor, waiting for part 2 ! ^^

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