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Tank Universal creates a huge virtual 'Tron-like' world where you take part in immense 3D tank battles involving scores of units both friendly and not so friendly in wide o 5d3b920ae0

Title: Tank Universal
Genre: Action, Indie
Dialogue Design
Release Date: 21 Aug, 2008


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Are you a child of the 80's? Do you like TRON? Then you should probably play this game, because it is very much like an alternate version of "the Grid", with tank battles, exploration and a sprinkling of 'Battlezone' type strategy. No light cycles though.. Meet george who's going to die of cancer. Now play as George who plays video games, waiting for death. Yes that's the scenario! Endure a 20 minute intro and when, bored out of your mind, you miss a message and have to redo the intro again from the start, you close the game and post that review.. It is kind of a game which you would be frustrated when doing the quest given because they take a long time to complete it. in the other way the game was a like a deus ex graphic but its kind of fun thought.. Wow. This game surprised me. Very fun game & very unique in some aspects, the game gives off a neat Tron like feel, if Tron was a complete warzone anyway. Story wise Tank Universal delivers, I'm only a few hours into the main story but it's pretty fun, the only dissapointment is that they set it up that you're some old guy using a simulation helmet. ruins a bit of immersion, but oh well! The actual story is pretty fun to play but so far I've realised there's a lot of empty parts of the game where you're just driving endlessly to get to your next objective which can be a bit drab. When you're actually in a battle though the game is very exciting to play, alongside a ranking up system with Steam achievements to match your rank the game can make it feel rewarding to excel in combat. Overall? Great game but the level design needs to be worked on, and there's a lack of a proper skirmish mode (Maybe you unlock it when you complete the game?) -Also the music they have in the game. perfect, well suited to it's theme. 8/10 I would love to see these developers have a kickstarter to make a much more advanced version of the game too.. 100% achievements. I enjoyed it to be honest.. it WAS absolutely worth it's $0.30 There is no sale now, but it will be, I suppose =/ so you can try demo. and add this game to wishlist waiting new sales if you like demo, you also can search for up to -90% coupon in trading forum. for one trading card.. Now, this was the first legit PC game I've ever played on a computer. I mean, back when I was younger, I used to play pinball on this dinosuar computer we had, but once we got a laptop, I started indulging in the internet and downloadable games. This was the very first game I downloaded, and I have to say, I began my PC gaming on the right foot. This game has been and always will be my favorite game. (Yeah sorry, different favorite game now. This game is 2nd best though!) The cutscenes can be a little slow, but everything is made up for in the strategy and the style and look of the game. I love the aspect of adventuring into unknown areas, especially in this game. If you enjoy some strategy with action and something interesting, this is definitely a game you should play.. Starts out good (with a generic story and soundtrack and lame sounds although.), but the 2nd mission is already too hard.. For 50c i will not complain about anything. this game is actually very good aswell. Graphics are slightly outdated but still nice. gameplay is fine. story is actually more than i thought when i looked at the screenshots. Def had some twists aswell.

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