SnakEscape [REMASTERED] Download] [hack]

SnakEscape [REMASTERED] Download] [hack]

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About This Game

Winner at Russian Developers Cup 2015!

SnakEscape is a turn-based logic game tuning the traditional Snake gameplay concept upside down! This time You will mantle the role of the food, running away from the pursuing Snakes.

Your goal is simple: collect as many energy stars on the level as possible for traversing through the floating islands. But be cautious: sly snakes will attempt to trap you!

Key features:

  • Different single-player levels that will test your brains.
  • Thematic seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has it's unique visual and gameplay features!
  • The return of the classic: play as a snake, grow it by collecting the stars and don't allow apples to escape from the level!
  • Global leaderboards for "Snake Mode" that display the results of players worldwide. Be the best!
  • Done with the game? Check the Workshop! Try out levels created by other players or create your own levels with the level editor and share with the community!
  • These exclusive backgrounds will add the unique look for your profile! Vary your style with an apple or a happy bear, be not like the others!
  • Simple controls and cozy visual style.


Title: SnakEscape [REMASTERED]
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Triple-Star Studio, Rock Path Collective
Rock Path Collective
Release Date: 12 Feb, 2016

English,Russian,French,Ukrainian,Swedish,German,Czech,Portuguese,Simplified Chinese,Korean,Polish

It sucks.

1) The AI behaviour is not obvious, and the whole game is just non-stop trial & error. Losing is, obviously, not fun, and that's what 90% of the game is. Of course, I could, like a nerd, rigorously work out the NPC algorhytm and then spend 5 minutes plotting the route on a piece of paper, but I didn't buy the game to do something as boring as filing taxes.

2) The aesthetic is so mind-bogglingly bogus. They were probably targetting it at kids, which is essentially the worst way to make anything. Kids like the same games an adult would play, not apples crying like anime girls with dumb music in the background.

3) The game had a huge bug that I reported with this review a while ago, hence the developer response below. Look at any side of this you want, either at the fact that the developer had the audacity to charge money for a broken game or at the fact they actually read reviews and fix the bugs.. pretty good game. A cute logic puzzle.. Greatest game ever better then rocket leeg! Wow! What a save!. Supported "Lost Story: The Last Days of Earh" development and your other game projects :). The cuteness of the apple alone made me buy this.

On a more serious note, it's quite a challenging turn-based puzzle game with a new, fresh take on the old 'n' good Snake. Sometimes getting three stars will take a while. :P. Right, having put in a lifetime of work in this, I can simply say, this is NOT the same as the real thing
This is a simulator, not a STIMULATOR

Shove a Snake up ur bottom and you will understand what I mean

Now how do I score this? becuase it's based on me, I'll give it much points, ONLY because it shows you how to do things, thanks for reading
. doing reviews cuz i can

SnakEscape 1.2.2 Changelog:

Hello, guys!

Today we've uploaded an another one patch for our game. For that we would like to thank a user Light for finding a bug related with achievements. Let's get down to it!

Patch 1.2.2 Changelog:. SnakEscape Together delayed for a while:
Few more bugs need to be fixed before pushing SnakEscape Together to release! Don't worry it shouldn't take so long!

Yours apple tree!

. SnakEscape 1.1.2 Changelog:

Dear friends!

We are continuing our support of the game and add features suggested by You previously. We would like to thank a user that goes under the nickname markakeen for suggesting mouse control improvements. As so it happened we also have integrated a minor fix that aims on updating the main menu for better experience for newcomers!

Patch 1.1.2 Changelog:. SnakEscape is out on Google Play!:

Dear friends,

A few days ago we've released a remastered version of SnakEscape for Android devices. And this could become a great gift for you or your relatives this summer!

We've made this game for active people who don't have enough time for PC gaming but want to kill some time playing puzzle games while commuting or during free time outdoors.

This game is also great for the kids. The maze puzzle mechanics are simple yet entertaining enough to keep your kids entertained during long trips, so we recommend our game for that as well. This game is already age-rated to help you decide whether it's suitable for your kid or not.

The Android version already has all the latest updates as the Steam version does!

Google Play:

Currently the game is available with launch discount!

. Mr. Apple HD update!:
Today Mr. Apple got personal HD update for his model!
We got suggestions about model improvements and since Mr. Apple is main character, we're think that this update could make game bit cuter.

Mr. Apple before update. This is Halloween!:

Hello, guys & girls!

We have a spooky update for you. No, it isn't a horror update for the game, but it changes a lot visual aspects of the game. We added a lot of new assets such Halloween-thematic sountrack, pumpkins, graves and candles, HAAAATS, new apple skins, etc. We would like to celebrate this event with you that's why we prepared and released this update while we're working on next two huge updates.

If you following us on Twitter or Facebook, you probably know that we working on two huge updates. One of them will be released soon after the end of the Halloween event. And another one will be released close to the Christmas event.

More about next two updates. Huge addon release on next week!:

For the last 6 months we’ve been working on making the game as better and as dynamic as possible. And now we are ready to show you the results of our work. SnakEscape: Plus is the first addon for the game that brings lots of changes, new gameplay elements and game mechanics. :mrapple:

The addon will be released on May 18 both for Steam version and Android remaster. :redsnake:

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