Secrets to winning the lottery revealed

Secrets to winning the lottery revealed

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“I lose more than I win,” said Miguel Bowman, who plays the lottery frequently.

"I play every day and win every month,” said Jerome Taylor, who plays the numbers often.

Odds say most people have a better chance of being struck by lightning than winning the grand prize in the lottery.

Renown lottery experts Gail Howard and Richard Lustig have won several grand prizes. The two recently passed away, but shared these tips about how they won big:

1. Avoid computer picks

It lowers your odds of winning

2. On scratchers

Try buying 10 of one ticket instead of several different tickets.

3. Mix it up

When it comes to picking numbers, you want as balanced a playing card as possible. Never play all one-number groups.

4. Even it out

Don't pick all odd or all even numbers.

5. Split from the crowd

Don't play patterns.

5. Avoid anniversaries, birthday's and dates

Calendar numbers only go up to 31.

6. Don't Copycat

Avoid playing winning numbers that have been drawn before, because every combination has a chance of coming up once every half a million drawings.

The Obama Gas Station in Columbia is a popular spot for those hoping to win big.

Ahmed Aljanik's family owns the store and says he has no secret to winning the lottery, so he couldn't say if the tips would work.

“A lot of people like anniversary numbers and kids birthdays," said Aljanik. "They feel lucky with their numbers.

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