Rise Of Flight: Legendary Bombers Patch

Rise Of Flight: Legendary Bombers Patch

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Rise of Flight: Legendary Bombers content pack includes four famous bombers of World War I complete with their field and weapon modifications:

Title: Rise of Flight: Legendary Bombers
Genre: Simulation
777 Studios
Release Date: 5 Sep, 2013


  • OS: Win XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32 or 64 bit)
  • Processor: Win XP: Intel® Core 2™ Duo 2.4 GHz or comparable AMD chip


rise of flight legendary bombers

Summary This DLC for the flight simulator Rise of Flight adds four new aircraft, complete with all their modifications and weapon upgrades. There are a few quirks, but otherwise this is an excellent DLC for those who want to fly something a bit different in Rise of Flight . Full review The Gotha G.V is a German heavy bomber. It is difficult to fly and will require lots of practice with the help of online videos and tutorials. It carries a great bomb load and has reasonably good defence. From the Entente side, there is the British HP-400-0 heavy bomber. Likewise, it is well armed and carries a massive payload, but it is a bit easier to fly. Next is the DFW C.V, which is a German two seater reconnaissance aircraft. It was used extensively during the war and is a staple of many campaigns and missions. It can carry ordnance though and is able to perform low- and high-level bombing. Then there is the Hansa-Brandenburg W12, which seems a bit out of place here. It is a small German maritime scout. It is slow and carries no bombs, but it is a delightful seaplane (can land on the sea and rivers), is easy to fly and can carry out reconnaissance. There are two other heavy bombers in Rise of Flight , but these are not part of this DLC (the S-22 is available in the Muromets DLC and the F2a is in the Channel Battles DLC). Additionally, despite the claim on the Steam store page, the Steam Achievements do not work in this (or any other) Rise of Flight products. Yet, despite these setbacks, I still think that this is an excellent DLC. I bought it particularly for the W.12 and, despite it being a weak aeroplane, really enjoy flying it. I also was pleasantly surprised with the DFW C.V. The bombers themselves, however, are fun, but challenging. I can certainly recommend this DLC.. Gotha in istelf is worth this pack :) Awesome bombers and awesome additional weapons for them. Heavily recommended if you love bombers or have friends who want to be gunner for your plane.. Side slip may be real but the adrenaline that goes through you when you engine demounts from the wing and goes k thanks buy is amazing.. I cant find the Lisence Key or the CD Key Tab. The Gotha G.V is so fun and hard to fly. Sure you can't do a zeppelin raid but with the the Gotha G.V; If you have the English Chanel map you can Do bombing raids on England. The Gotha G.V flies like a lummox and requires some experience to maneuver in the air. This makes it all the more rewarding once you can really fly it on missions. the DFW C.V also has a solid climb rate and bomb load for a 2 seater recon plane.. Lovelly DLC. I love the bombers. A nice touch of the game that if you have a gunner or turret, a friend can join you and use the turret! While you fly you don't have to worry about a A.I screwing up becouse. well. Becouse it is a A.I I can now finally go bomb a airfield when the planes are about to take off.. Good packge. Only odd thing is : why the Brandenburg W12 (and the DFW C.V) are in this (lengendary BOMBER pack) , these are both fighter/escorts/reconnaissance aircraft , not bombers. Neither we build to be used as bombers or did they carry any bombs.. This is a good pack to get because it contains the Gotha bomber. Which was one of the best WW1 bombers as it replaced the Zepplin airships. Also this contains another good bomber, The Handley Page, which was one of the Allied forces best bomber.

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