Researching and Collecting Information for Your Essays

Academic essays rely on academic research and information therewith to write my essay to communicate their arguments, analysis, and exposition. To get yourself acquainted with the subject you usually research beforehand through articles, websites, blogs, and research papers. However, the information that goes into the essay will always be of higher authority and credibility, such as academic papers, research articles, and scholarly books. 

You can always ask for a free essay writer to gather information and sources for you. But it is better if you do the research on your own as in the process you tend to learn more about the subject matter than the cursory reading. Your knowledge will then reflect on your essay content and help me write my essay

Types of sources available 

The sources for the information that you use are divided into two categories: 

 Primary sources: The main primary source is the actual source that you are working on, reproducing, or interpreting. Other primary sources are also original insights and opinions that you have produced through independent surveying and researching.

Primary sources are a great way to add to the research and information about a subject.

Secondary sources: The secondary sources are derived to help write my essay. They are the interpretations of other works and the primary sources.

Secondary sources are mostly used in literature reviews and showing the reader the research and the work done on the subject. Without it, you wouldn’t know where to start your discussion from. 

Different ways to get Primary Sources 


Many of the academic works use surveys as their source. The beauty of the survey is that the research outcome of sample size can tell you about the whole population.

The survey questions shouldn’t be biased, lacking in choices, and in any way manipulative; it should give the people all the options available to them. 


A good way to show your reader the effort you put into the essay is by conducting interviews with people who are authorities on the subject and those who are experienced on the topic. Make sure that you schedule your interview with the particular person and arrive for the interview on time and prepared. You should record and make notes while you conduct the interview also you can get an idea from "write my essay help".


Observation can give you great insights and knowledge about a subject. You can use these observations and turn them into useful sources for your essay. 

A famous investor, for example, used to invest in stocks by observing the crowded shops in the malls. 

Different types of Primary sources

Popular Sources

Popular sources are blogs, online articles, news entries, books, etc. The content of these sources cannot be verified and backed the same way the content in scholarly articles can. While some of the popular sources have credible information and follow a rigorous review process, most of them look to publish anything that can generate clicks. 

Just because the content agrees with you, does not warrant it to be in your essay.

In today’s world of short attention span, click-baiting, and listicles you cannot be too sure of the credibility of the information found in these popular sources.

Scholarly Sources

These sources include academic and journal articles and other papers published by experts and scholars. The authority of most of the information cannot be doubted as they are published after being reviewed by other experts and academics. 

However, reading through the text can be tasking as the information is hardly simplified to help with my essay. Most of the articles are not available to the databases in time and they can cost you a lot to access them.

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