Regular Human Basketball Download Crack With Full Game

Regular Human Basketball Download Crack With Full Game

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About This Game

Regular Human Basketball is the multiplayer party-starter that has your team wrestling to control your giant mechanical death machine. Yelling orders, flipping switches, and shootin' hoops in a post-apocalyptic basketball showdown.

Work together to control the human.
  • Play a 1 on 1 match, or bring in friends to help out.
  • Initiate your magnet to grab the ball, while a buddy rotates it all into position.
  • Invade your opponents mech and disable their thrusters while they try to chase you out.

Online or Splitscreen Multiplayer for 2 or more ballers.
  • Add steam friends to your party to battle each other, and challenge other teams online. (*requires non-private steam community profile)
  • Support for a huge number of controllers for local play.
  • Can you achieve harmonious dunking with 10 players all pressing buttons and yelling orders?

State of the art basketball simulation
  • Six titanic arenas to dunk in.
  • Advanced player face generator with all the latest parts, like LEFT_EYEBROW_42B!
  • Realistic basketball commentary from real human commentators.
  • A pumping 80s hip-hop soundtrack that’ll have you waving your arms in the air like you just don’t exhibit the human ability to care!

Lifelike physics simulates over 4 human emotions.

Physics in video games are always perfect, and this is no exception. Yelling, confusion and flipping upside-down will be things of the past, as you guide your human to the perfect dunk with pinpoint precision. No flailing, flopping and falling out only to be accidentally squished buy your well-meaning buddy here!

Michael Jordan once called basketball "The Sport of Kings". That was shortly before someone accidentally turned off his magnet mid-dunk and he crashed to the floor upside down with legs flailing and boosters rotating the wrong way. Poor Michael, he sustained serious chassis damage.


Title: Regular Human Basketball
Genre: Indie, Sports
Release Date: 1 Aug, 2018


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fun game to play when there are friends around, the servers are more dead than Caesar.
still fun to play with friends/family. Great Game!. Game is da bomb. Highly recommend for LAN parties and similar. Best played with 4+ players, as sabotage is hugely important to prevent runaway baskets. It's alright with 2, but certainly not as good.. Annoyingly fun. Great couch game, funw ith friends, and just zany enough to keep anyone from getting compeditive. If you are a fan of Chickenhorse or Lovers ina Dangerous space time, this game will have a strong appeal. Additionally, charming graphics and tight responsive imputs are not lacking either. All in all more than worth the price tag to have a few hours of fun ona game night with some friends.. Such aggresive ball handling, reminds me of your wife.. Very cool game. 4 player local is sooo much fun. Its pure chaos and the best is you can enter the mech of the enemy. Slam dunk by cutting the rocket engine is also way to cool.

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