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Optika is a puzzle game where you control light with 14 different optic devices to complete levels.
Be ingenious and lead the right color to the Receivers with the help of Professor Opticus and Sofia!
Decompose and move the light thanks to lenses, mirrors and prisms. Take your time and ultimately guide the photons to their goals!

- 160 levels
- Discover 14 different optical devices
- Play with light and colors
- Use lenses, mirrors and prisms
- Soothing soundtrack

Discover the world of light physics: play with lasers, prisms, mirrors, magnets and dozens of other optical devices.
Explore the world of Optika with Prof. Opticus and his assistant, Sofia! Research and complete more than one hundred challenging puzzles!
All of the puzzles you are about to experience are inspired by real world physics. d859598525

Title: Optika
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 26 Aug, 2016

English,French,German,Simplified Chinese,Russian,Dutch,Polish

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Optika is a casual physics-based puzzle game that's fun and colorful throughout. The gameplay mechanics are interesting, albeit not well explained by the tutorial. There's a lot of levels here, but the game is unfortunately easy and the game doesn't demand that you understand its mechanics completely in order to complete the puzzles. In this way, the game encourages experimentation that makes it easy to see everything Optika has to offer; on the other hand, it makes solving the puzzles less satisfying in places.

Still, for $5, Optika is worth your time and money. The soundtrack is fantastic and the vibe of the game is both soothing and cheerful. Would recommend.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaN-hDW5Lzg. I got a coupon for it from leveling a badge, thought why not try it, and Loved it.. A little bit too easy, but still a fun experience.

. The most relaxing and beautiful game without any doubt :). Last achivement broken. Finished all level but never received the achivement.. After adjusting mirrors and lenses the whole day to hit the desired spots with a laser, I go home, start my PC and adjust mirrors and lenses the whole evening to hit the desired spots with a laser.

In Optika, you solve geometric optic puzzles by adjusting optical elements such as mirrors, lenses, frequency conversion crystals and a few others. While there are many games out there, especially mobile games, that do exactly the same, Optika seems to be the only one (correct me if I'm wrong) approaching it with single photons forming a beam of light, which gets closer to the particle-wave characteristic of light than just a solid beam. Then again, it lets you change the speed of light, so the real physics stop as fast as they started.


- Lasers
- epic colors (you can take some really nice screenshots)
- frequency conversion (it's even cooler in reality)
- Lasers


- the magnetic fields make you go crazy and their amount of influence on the photons is unrealistic
- changing the speed of light gives away the realism
(changing the speed of the photons is only required because of the magnetic fields, removing the first would solve the latter)


As an engineer developing lasers, I rate this 8\/10 (not 10 yet because of unrealistic mechanics)
. The premise is great, but the execution in the development of this game is disappointing. The primary problem is that not all the stages of this game are beatable. I'd recommend looking at the Steam discussions for this game and seeing how many levels have changed with the release of patches, and immovable objects are now placed in the wrong positions to allow the completion of several levels. It places players in the infuriating position of putting time into puzzles which cannot be solved. This is the Kobayashi Maru in it's truest form, as it cannot be 100% beat without hacking the game files.

Additionally, the game will sometimes stop responding when trying to reach the menu, and the achievements for it are also broken. In place of getting one for beating 50 levels, you get the achievement for beating *all* levels, and then you get additional one for beating 100 levels. Yet the one for 150 is still not awarded after beating 150 levels.

If the game hadn't been developed with so many bugs, it would have been alright, but I cannot recommend it.

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