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Title: Majestic Trials
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early Access
Alpha Strike Games Limited
Alpha Strike Games Limited
Release Date: 3 Oct, 2017


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There are very few men whose work I will buy sight unseen based on their earlier work. Ash is one of them. If this looks like something you might like, you almost certainly will. I'll revise this to be a more helpful review as I get a chance to play more, but already the nostalgia is hitting pretty hard.. [Edit 2018 01 20] after some discussion with devs, i decided re-purchase. and starting to check things more even with odd melee rule. the price increased by about 3 dollars according to update version 0.96-x 1. there is no long running campaign. 2. game/progress is limited to skirmish on a relatively huge fixed map. (enemies either) 3. default key bindings is kinda accustomed one. and can be changed easily in option. 4. music and sound are ok. (i don't care) but the graphic is hand-drawn with own style. its hormy and funny. i like it. 5. all in all, option covers everything needed. 6. you can make your avatar with a lot of choice. (parameters and spell choice) but this part is still on the way. (might be changed dramatically) game could be played only with keyboard, its good thing in itself, but again in odd fashion and sometimes it becomes very cumbersome. for that reason, i can't play for enough long time to have a taste of this game yet. might become better for seeing dev's active effort. this impressed me a good hope. but when taken in practical way, if you had enough patience (or forgiveness), could wait for future updates, and were a lover of old-fashioned TBS IGO UGO game, then this game could be your thing. otherwise, i can't recommend this game for 15 dollars. its a bit too ambitious. [Edit 2018 01 14] it doesn't matter forced move of melee getting changed to have JUST a chance of automated defense from RNG or getting even terrain effect of enemy occupying grid. not changing my negative review yet. but dev is very responsive and the game seems to be getting update so often. i would re-purchase in near future. for those who want to know more detail, please go to forum thread from the link in the dev's post. [Edit 2018 01 01] devs talk about combat system. so there could be possible changes in the future. if the changes could evaluate downside of forced move, total experience of this game should change dramatically. but until then, my conclusion in original review never changes. [Original Review 2017 11 24] basically, moving and any action are separated. that is, every action needs AP. this means player needs to care for AP to get better position. but when killing mobs, player char moves to the grid of the mob with no AP use. if player had to enter into enemy's grid when combat like chess (and it has no AP), this makes sense. but player can do melee attack only from adjacent grid. while ranged attack works with keeping current position. this odd rule not only breaks tactical meaning of position, but also means forced suicidal advance in any condition. this made me feel so stupid.

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