How to Protect Yourself From Influenza A H1N1 - Swine Flu

As President Bush announced his $7.1 billion strategy to organize for the risk of a pandemic influenza outbreak, scientists and doctors reminded us that the program to stock antiviral drugs may be flawed. World production of the drug has been outstripped by demand and currently the U.S. has ordered only enough of the anti-virals Tamiflu and Relenza for around 5 million people. Orders might be placed, however, if the drugs cannot be produced on time then what help are they to us? Furthermore, current drugs might be of little use if new virus strains emerge which are resistant to current medication.

A vaccine for Bird Flu is not available. A vaccine against SARS has not even been produced, and this has been over couple of years since SARS first struck. Contemplate it logically - in line with the medical establishment, even a remedy for the most popular cold has eluded medical science. What realistic chance can there be for a Bird Flu cure in the longer term? Even if your Bird Flu vaccine is developed, it must be stated in mass quantities and that takes months as well as years. What are the results if Bird Flu transmits fully to humans, and arrives in your community tomorrow?

The only stable, scientific proof of what is proven to work in protecting humans and preventing Bird Flu is the mask - more specifically the Nano Mask - NanoMask®

The NanoMask has been subjected to rigorous scientific testing and evaluation. According to Nelson Laboratories of Salt Lake City, an unbiased testing lab of such filters, Bacteriophage MS-2 could be the recognised standard testing organism for all filters. Being one of many smallest used viruses at 220nm it is able to offer a higher challenge to the filter media.

NanoMask® (Nano Mask) designed by Emergency Filtration Products, has been tested down seriously to 27 nanometers or .027 microns. Sufficient to prevent H5N1, SARS, and other viruses.

The president of Emergency Filtration, Doug Beplate, advised that the principal reason NanoMasks are so successful in stopping viruses is their unique nanoparticle coating on each filter. Beplate said, "The nanoparticle coating joins with chlorine particles to achieve an arrest and eradication of undesirable agents." Quite simply, biohazardous particulates like H5N1 aren't only blocked, but destroyed, because of the nanoparticle coating. Yes, it really kills the virus upon contact.

Fight Your Virus

A normal filter with no nanoparticle coating, like N95, would develop into a breeding ground for a disease or bacterial agent. Thus we caution you against using any N95 mask in a pandemic or epidemic, or even to avoid ordinary colds.

But first, examine the table below showing virus sizes, in order to judge yourself how effective the NanoMask is. The abbreviation nm means nanometer, that is one billionth of a meter. N95 can only just filter material greater in proportions than .3 microns, that will be add up to 300 nanometers.

Every virus you see in the table below is smaller than 300 nanometers, therefore, N95's manufactured by 3M and other masks are useless against these viruses and others.

Virus (Description) / Size Bacteriophage (MS) / 220nm Hepatitis / 24nm - 30nm Adenovirus / 70nm HIV / (AIDS) / 80nm Cytomegalovirus / 100nm Orthomyxovirus / 120nm Coronavirus (SARS) / 80nm - 160nm

Some quick reminders then why so many experts think that the NanoMask offers the very best bird flu protection and bird flu prevention available

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