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Original Title: Miracle At Sage Creek

Genge: Action,Drama,Family,Western
















































Two families overcome prejudice and tragedy in 1888 Wyoming when a special Christmas miracle saves the life of a small boy.
"Miracle At Sage Creek": First, all the actors and actress's are outstanding. This is a story that embraces the hope and prayers of the kind people of our planet and may win over those minds that are of a different nature of life. Thadd Turner wrote this from the heart and hand picked the actors, to fulfill his dreams of a good family film that can endure the ages. All who have seen it praise the film. Seeing is believing,do it soon and enjoy.---- I can honestly say this is the best heartfelt film, I have seen in the past ten years or more. Feeling good should be part of life! A very refreshing film and a pleasure to view, with great acting and dialogue. Keep Smiling!
I was very moved by the story and message of this movie. It's especially important today with so many different people with conflicting points of view and how we can still come together as human beings and learn to live together and love each other despite our differences. The cinematography was excellent. I felt such a connection between the earth and the people and how important nature is to our well being. I thought the acting was great. The kids did a great job especially in the scene with the dog and the trap. This movie would be a great addition to anyone's DVD collection especially since it is appropriate for everyone in the family. Thanks for a great western.

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