Goal Setting Email Communication To Employees

It's important to be very clear and to show your employees that you are on their side when it comes to goal setting. The more your employees know that you stand with them, the more they will be loyal to you. Goal setting email communication to employees is a great way to build on this foundation.

You want to be very clear about what you expect of your employees when it comes to goal setting. These expectations should be spelled out in writing and be something you encourage them to be conscious of. Your goal setting email communication to employees should include this standard reminder that everyone has to strive for success within your company.

There are three elements of goal setting that you should look for. They are the relevance, performance and results. Here is an explanation of each element:

Relevance - If you want to have your employees adhere to your goal setting process, then you need to make sure they know what it is you are asking of them. Relevance is a measurement of how "timely"relevant" your goal setting email communication is. Simply put, if your email messaging is not relevant to your employees then they will probably not use it. They may also stop responding to it will get tossed aside.

Measure Performance - As mentioned above, relevance is a factor that will help you determine if your employees are "doing what they were trained to do." It is important to ensure that they are completing the task requested by the goal. A higher score means they are performing to their maximum potential. This is the basis for goal-based performance appraisals.

Result - On the other hand, you must be sure that your employees get the specific result that you set forth in the goal. The way to achieve this is through clear and easy to understand steps. It is important to create metrics for the outcome.

Goal Setting Emails Communication to Employees: Relevance, Performance and Result. It is the corner stone of your goal setting process. Here is a step by step guide for you to follow when you send your goal setting email communications to employees.

Purpose - The goal that you are trying to accomplish is usually very simple. It can be your company's vision. It can be your marketing strategy. It can be the prospect of a good salary or benefits. Your goal is important, but in order to keep it consistent it's important to always take it back to its original purpose.

Purpose - Goal setting is about going back to the vision and direction that you originally set out to achieve. When you begin your goal setting process you will have a clear direction for how you want your company to progress in the future. You will want to keep this vision. You will want to be very clear about what you expect of your employees in order to attain your vision.

Focus - As an employee, you will often feel like you are living in a different world. Your coworkers will seem like aliens to you at times. By setting up goals that are easy to grasp and follow through on, you will get the employees focused on your vision.

Goal - Lastly, set up goals that are attainable. It may be difficult at first but be patient. An achievable goal is the most important thing that your employees will hear and understand when you start to set up your goal setting process. Know and implement that you need to have a goal in order to motivate your employees.

Employees love clear goals and setting them is imperative to business success. When you give your employees a goal to work towards, you are telling them exactly what you expect from them. Most people tend to ignore goals when setting them because they want to achieve a goal that's impossible to reach, but with goal setting, the goal is clearly defined and has a chance of being achieved.

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