EscapeVR: The Basement Free Offline

EscapeVR: The Basement Free Offline

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About This Game

EscapeVR: The Basement is an 'Escape The Room' genre game which was inspired by real-life escape games and designed from the ground up as a room-scale virt 5d3b920ae0

Title: EscapeVR: The Basement
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Five Mind Creations, Sourcenity
Five Mind Creations
Release Date: 7 Nov, 2016

English,German,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

escape vr the basement walkthrough. escape vr the basement

The game is short but fun. The general solution is fairly obvious but I cannot figure out the notepad in the first room for the life of me. I guess that would be the 'second' exit, but no matter which item I investigate, I cannot find a suitable solution. The first 2 rooms are nice and the third 'room' feels a bit rushed. During this 'room' I did not have the feeling of 'Hmm, what should I do here?'. I figured it out the moment I set foot in the 'room' but it just took some time. Nevertheless a nice Escape Room game for VR, a bit better than the rest of 'em.. It's a really fun game. Short. Completion time is under 30 minutes for the average person. The game is fine, there are no major issues, it's just not a good value for the price.. A good example of a properly executed room escape game genre in VR. The puzzles aren't overly difficult, but like somebody else mentioned, there are a lot of useless objects that act as distraction. There are hints available in case you get stuck, but if you really looked through everything around you, the solution should be obvious. Worth the purchase price.. I loved this game. So far this is my favorite escape the room game. Easily forgot I was in my living room and found myself avoiding tables and items in the game as if they were real. Its short but sweet. For that reason do not look up any walkthroughs! Save the satisfaction for yourself!! Also this was a good intro to VR game. My aunt said she would just take a look for a minute. She ended up playing this for over a half hour. As a non-gamer everything in this came naturally to her.. Lovely experience :). Uninteresting puzzles. Simple graphics. Very short. I feel bad saying this, but it's really not worth the asking price. Something more in the range of $0 to $3 would be more appropriate.. A well made Escape game. It's not long, but I was entertained throughout the experience and the quality is quite good. The puzzles were not too difficult or annoying (it's one thing to have the player wondering while sitting comfortably, but it's different if he's standing with added weight to the head). All in all a fun game absolutely worth 10$/u20ac.. Very fun and well-made, but it is fairly short - I was done with it in about 30 minutes.

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