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eden is a 3D Screensaver (not a game) with great graphics. Discover beautiful environments: From snow-covered Mountains to a day at a 5d3b920ae0

Title: eden - 3D Screensaver
Genre: Utilities
Maurice Pape
Maurice Pape
Release Date: 15 Sep, 2014


Far too simple at the moment. Had hoped for a . little more. Like the camera moving about. Trees moving. Anything. Now it just two static scenes with some really minor movement in them. If that's all you're looking for then fine, buy it. If you expect something pretty to look at, wait for something else.. Somebody packaged a terrain generator and sold it for u00a35 (what a joke). Good game, 10/10.. Don't bother. 1. These are all stock objects from a bunch of Unity stores. Think of this more as a students project rather than a piece of software. Stock music, stock textures, everything. 2. Not even sure why this is using Unity in the first place. the backgrounds are all STATIC with some graphic overlays of snow, blowing sand, or other visual flourishes. None of this required 3D at all and could have all been done using 2D saving a ton of memory/resources. 3. This is NOT a screensaver. In fact, you can't even START it from the screensaver in Windows/Linux or anything else for that matter. It has to start through STEAM making the whole thing more or less pointless. 4. A whole *3* environments. whoooo. three. wow. For the money at least have a handful. 5. This barely registers as 'software' seeing as you can't use it for its intended purpose. Not even sure how this crap managed to get on Steam in the first place. I managed to come up with more things to complain about than the author bothered to include into the application.. horseu2665u2665u2665u2665u2665. This is not a screen saver - it is a basic 3D program that is not very good at all. Being labled as a screen saver, I was expecting to do into windows and setting a time to kick in etc. I have used this for 10 mins including setting it up and a complete waste of u00a34.99!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know how I claim for a refund as I am new to Steam. Thanks.

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