Dutch Olympian Kira Toussaint Tests Positive For Tulobuterol

Dutch Olympian Kira Toussaint has tested positive for the banned substance Tulobuterol(56776-01-3), according to a post on the athlete’s Instagram page.

According to her post, Toussaint was notified about her positive test from FINA on December 7, just before the start of the 2018 FINA Short Course World Championships. The positive test came from a sample on November 2, during the FINA World Cup stop on Beijing.

The Dutch backstroker had a strong showing during the FINA World Cup, ending the tour with the 8th highest total for prize money among all female swimmers competing, and would have been a strong podium contender in multiple events at the Short Course World Championships.

In Toussaint’s statement, she claims innocence and says she did not knowingly ingest the substance. The backstroker claims she takes a similar medication to treat her asthma, and that she is currently investigating how the illegal substance ended up in her system. At the time of this posting, the case is not currently listed on FINA’s Anti-Doping website.

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