Detective Hayseed - Hollywood Download Easy

Detective Hayseed - Hollywood Download Easy

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About This Game

Detective Hayseed

The list of Oscar winners has been stolen as part of a nefarious plot to overturn the established Hollywood order. Our hero has to struggle through a series of tests and tasks in order to uncover the clues as to who has done it. And, of course, to stop him carrying out his threat to blow up the entire Oscars ceremony. Along the way he's going to need your help to do everything from waking up to take his orders, free the space captain from his bondage to working out how to get Xanax into pirhanas. Each test passed reveals more of the necessary clues leading to the successful identification of the villain and his plan. And, of course, his apprehension and the foiling of his dastardly plot.


  • Hand drawn Airbrush-backgrounds
  • Humoristic pop culture references
  • Dramatic world changing plotline
  • Unique 3D/2D crossover Art style
  • Deep and mystic plotline
  • Jokes for all ages

Experience the journey of the legendary Detective Hayseed who has been alerted because an evil villain has stolen the list of the Oscar winners.
Help him through Challenging puzzles and encounter various Celebrities on your way through Hollywood. Reveal and cross the deadly plot and save the oscars.


October 6th 2016 7ad7b8b382

Title: Detective Hayseed - Hollywood
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Zima Software
mamor games
Release Date: 7 Oct, 2016


Better to spend your time reading Bible I'd say.

Dabbing, really enjoyed in it's original language, Czech.
Sound effects realistic.
Easy play, puzzles are not hard, kind of intuitive.
Sci-Fi section: flying car, laser-broom.
Graphics (Except missing screen resolution options).
Funny commentary here or there.
Plot can be surprising, commercial references downplay that.

Hollywood references, settings, politics, etc. undisclosed God\/destiny explaining game rules.
Tutorial, happening out of character.
Detective is using and taking every thing as if it all was his.
Vulgar dialogs, scenes, references, a bit violent.
Technical side, no cut scenes visible on Windows 10 build 1734.285.. Great point 'n click adventure game! Specialy for czech people who will get all the jokes and references.. Decent point & click game. If you like this kind of games then you'll like this one as well.. I want more games like this game.
When I played I was sometimes confused but I found correct way.. Yay! Just finished the game.. At first i was afraid to purchase it cuz there's no reviews and all to get a view of it. But just looking at the pictures in store made me purchase it.. And it was all worth it. The hollywood humor, the gameplay. Reminds me of the good old point and click advetures. Feels like it should cost more. I definitely recommend it to everyone. It seems quite a long game which i like too.

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