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About This Game

In the dark, colorless dungeons underground there remains only four blobs of color who struggle to survive as they attempt to escape. That doesn't mean that they've lost their personalities though! Red, Yellow, Green and Blue will have to work together to make it out of this seemingly endless maze.

Colorful Life is a cooperative top-down puzzle game for four players. Work together to make your way through each maze and unlock the path to the goal. But be careful! Your color will drain if you stand in the wrong spot for too long!

Each player has their own ability to help everyone else make it through the levels. It's up to your wits (and your communication skills) to get everyone out safely! Remember, this is NOT a single player game. Cooperation is key!


  • Local Multiplayer - Remember the good ol' days when split screen was the only way to do multiplayer? Colorful Life is an ode to that design! Gather your friends all on one couch for a team building experience.
  • Online Multiplayer - Have some long distance friends? We've got you covered. Online multiplayer with player-to-player room hosting is supported!
  • Unique Abilities for Each Player - Red, Yellow, Green and Blue each have separate skills that will get the team through the maze. Make sure you know what everyone's ability is so you can become a better team player!
  • Levels, Levels, Levels - Colorful Life has 30 different levels for you and your friends to figure out. Lets see if you can stand each other for that long...
  • Controller Support - Sure, crowding 4 people around one keyboard is fun and all, but perhaps it would be best if everyone had their own controller... Colorful Life supports most controllers that are supported on Steam! Including Xbox360, Xbox ONE, PS4, and Steam controller.
  • Steam Workshop - Think you're a better level designer than we are? Then feel free to use our level editor tool included with the game to add new levels to Steam Workshop for Colorful Life. Let's just see how tricky you guys can get!

Title: Colorful Life
Genre: Casual, Indie
Oneironaut Academy LLC
Oneironaut Academy LLC
Release Date: 17 Jul, 2017


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A fun game especially with friends my only and major issue was with the controls it took us a bit to figure out how to navigate the menu as it only shows buttons for a controller, Which would be fine but when I used my steam controller it still didn\u2019t work even tried a PS4 controller. We had to use each key on the keyboard to figure out what did what!!! If you can get past that its worth playing with friends!. this game has potential, but constantly getting stuck at the screen before the game menu and doesnt explain controls at all!

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