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London, 2099. The earth isn't what it used to be anymore. Incredible climate changes have corrupted the weather, causing a permanent rain on most of the Earth's surface.

You play the role of Luke Black, a 36-year-old bio-informatic engineer. He is one of the lead programmers at Nanotech, a big nanotechnology research company.

But one night, his life is changed forever when he encounters Tanya. Who is she? What does she wants from Luke?

Discover all the 24 different endings and explore all the possible paths! It's a truly dynamic adventure that will keep you entertained for hours.

The game features beautiful manga art, fun dialogue and characters relationship that will change the final outcome of the game.


  • Dark and mature sci-fi setting
  • Interactive scenes and map system beside the classic visual novel gameplay
  • 24 unique endings to unlock
  • Optional fully voiced version available. Over 4h of voices!
  • High replayability, true multiple branching plot

Title: Bionic Heart
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Winter Wolves
Winter Wolves
Release Date: 7 Jul, 2009


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The story was actually more complex than I had expected. There\u2019s more interaction between the characters on Bionic Heart than in other Winter Wolves games (at least the ones I\u2019ve played so far), so that made me like this game. There\u2019s a bit of status raising, which is okay because this time it was done in a good way: it\u2019s not all about that, and you can see lots of events with the characters and get to know them better.

The art style was decent, BG was good, BGM was decent. But\u2026 The VA was terrible<\/i>. I\u2019m sorry, it was just REALLY BAD. I had to turn the voices off after 20 minutes of playthrough. There\u2019s 24 different endings, so I think that the full price is fair. Even so, wait for a sale before getting this VN.

6\/10. It was an okay game, I loved the huge variety of endings. But the VA almost ruined the whole experience for me. =\/

Looking forward to play the next game!. The story is good and the choices are fun. The voice acting isn't that great but it can be turned off. The game is short but there are 24 different endings that could be achieved based on your choices. Not the best game out there, but enjoyable.. There's a few things I'm a sucker for every single time, no matter how cheesy or badly executed: swashbuckling adventures, 80's electronica music, and dystopian Blade Runner esque stories where the lead character knocks boots with a cyborg chick, especially if she's got half her face ripped off, like in Terminator 2.

Looking past that, though, this visual novel was fun. Voice acting can be pretty cringing at times, but pretty well done at times too. The art style is similar to late 80's early 90's anime, and I dig that. The sound track was enjoyable depending on the scene. As for the story, there were a few parts and several of the endings that actually *did* have me feeling for the characters, so I'd call that a 'win'.

Bottom line: Buy it on sale or as part of a bundle, if you're into this sort of thing. If you're not interested in the genre or setting, give it a pass.. Okay so initially I was really unsure about this. I was tempted to give it a miss altogether. However I tried it out and ended up really enjoying it.
- choices are a bit more broad than I expected, not only can you choose different dialogue options but you can also choose where to go to or to avoid certain locations
- getting to an ending only takes around an hour, but surprisingly if you go back and take a different path a completely different kind of story can unfold

So I actually achieved three different endings. First I gave the robot away to the police, that made the game end very early on, and it was kind of lame.
-----But then I started again and avoided notifying the authorities. This time the story went for much longer. Choosing between your love for your girlfriend or the robot was a prominent theme. At the end of that play-through the bad guy was apprehended, the police conveniently let the robot go, nobodies heart was broken and everybody basically lived happily ever after. It was a bit too sweet for me (okay it gave me a nice warm feeling inside lol). This ending gave me new information about the mysterious robotic woman but only enough so that it actually created more unanswered questions.
-----At this stage I had more time to play, so i went back again. I actually didn't really find more out about the robotic woman's background. In fact most of the main characters that took part in the story in my second play-through were put aside and didn't feature at all once I got to about mid-story. The game took place in a completely different location with a couple of new characters instead. There wasn't really any romance this time at all, it was more Sci-fi with a touch of horror. Some scenes were the same but it was overall quite a different experience.

Obviously the game is very simply presented with still inanimate backgrounds and characters. But I liked how the game looked visually. The only problem I had with the game\u2019s visuals was that occasionally you could see more of the character images than you should have. What I mean by this is that sometimes they are raised above the bottom of the screen and you can see that they are cut off where they should have legs. It wasn't a big deal but it was sort of an immersion breaker.
-----All the dialogue is voice acted. I thought the protagonist\u2019s dialogue was done adequately. Some of the characters spoke a bit slowly and monotonously. It seemed like they weren't as good, perhaps because it was the same voice actor attempting to create different sounding voices for a variety of character. That didn\u2019t really matter though. I really liked the voice of the protagonist's girlfriend, she sounded really convincing when she was angry.

Okay so I recommend trying this game out. There is actually a demo version. If you check out the community hub you will find information about acquiring that there. You might want to take a look at it before purchasing the full game. I found only three in endings in about two hours time. But the game allegedly has twenty-four alternate endings in total. Hopefully this means that for the $10 price there is enough unique content to satisfy people.

Click\/user\/SatanovichZ1\/videos\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" >here<\/a> for my YouTube gaming channel. No character options. You HAVE to play an allistic man with obnoxious friends. I got as far as chapter 3, without relating to the characters.. One of the best visual novel I've ever played, deep and well developed story and a good soundtrack :). Um. I really tried liking this game, I honestly did and I have played some really hard to like games. The art might not have been to my liking but what ruined it all was the voice acting. The "in your face" moments where too many as well (not only adult stuff) and I ended up not caring a tiny bit about anyone. The story could have had so much more added to it that it felt we were just given the outline of it.
I give it 5 out of 10 for effort.. Really enjoy Bionic Heart for number of reasons. It's fully voiced and if you don't like that you have the option to shut it off. You are given multi choices which in there own right feel reasonably different that leads to different endings. Some are good and some are bad. So it's not happily ever after with everything you do. Even if you don't want to find all the endings yourself Winter Wolves has a guide to help you in the forums. Really enjoy a lot of Winter Wolves games hope they keep coming out with them on Steam.

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