Auto Finance News Releases New Dealer Insights Report

Auto Finance News Releases New Dealer Insights Report

Today Auto Finance News, the industry leading publication on auto lending and leasing, has released a new report on the key characteristics auto dealers look for in their lenders.To get more auto finance news, you can visit shine news official website.

The Auto Finance Performance: Dealer Insights Report is based on 6,200 dealer evaluations that get to the heart of what dealers are looking for from their sales reps and credit analysts. Auto finance has long been known as a “relationship business.” At the heart of this “relationship” is the interaction between lender and dealer, a connection set into motion long before a loan application is submitted.

To solidify relationships and keep loan volume flowing, lenders must rely on the efforts of their field forces and credit underwriters – those with whom dealers interface daily. Of the surveyed dealers, product knowledge and willingness to help get deals done are the primary traits of sales reps and credit analysts that influence dealers to switch lenders.

The report provides key quantitative and qualitative analysis of both of these relationships, providing data and information on reps and analysts by institution type, as ranked by franchise or independent dealers as well as scores by geographic region. The report also provides details on the characteristics that sway dealers to send business to one rep or analyst over another, including information on the average time it takes for analysts to return dealers’ calls.

“We are very excited to offer this important new market report,” said Marcie Belles, Senior Editor, Auto Finance News. “This is a critical tool for every auto lending company, providing insights into how they can position their sales and underwriting teams to compete in the current environment.”

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