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A Hand in the Darkness is a visual novel set in a British boarding school in 1910. If you enjoy reading school stories, you will certainly love following the four main char 5d3b920ae0

Title: A Hand in the Darkness
Genre: Indie
Ertal Games
Ertal Games
Release Date: 1 Aug, 2017


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I just loved this game so very much. the characters were charming. Each storyline took such a unique turn. The writing was excellent: romantic and engaging. Really, this is one of my favourite gay visual novels I've played in a long time. I can't recommend it highly enough.. Very good. There are realistic conflicts that get talked about and actually wroked through in a more mature way. You get to know what the characters are thinking about each othe rmore and get to understand their personalities. The characters are likeable and the M18 scenes are described well. The MC is making an odd face in Damian's scene but overall very good art especially for Monty. But seriously some of the best and clearest writing to follow that really feels like a story.. I enjoyed "A Hand in the Darkness." Though I felt the game was a little short, I quite liked the writing and had no trouble staying engaged the whole time, including through all the optional paths. Each companion played out differently and felt unique (there wasn't much recycling going on), and I thought the steamy scenes were very well written--my only complaint being over-use of the word "slither" (this was not a tentacle thing), a word choice that would bump me out of the moment for a second. Besides the slithering, I thought the flashpoints were a breathless read, and rather than peek through my fingers (we fans have all been there) I had both eyes open. Well done. As for the art, I didn't particularly like or dislike the character art; it worked for me and supported the story. The backgrounds were better than fine - I liked them. I do think a couple more character sprites would have been nice, but really the developers worked well with what they had (same goes for music). Overall, a good way to support BL games and I enjoyed my time with it. Thanks for doing it for BL fans, guys, and thanks especially for the quality writing.. I love this game. Good story, sympathic-looking characters (even Damian, yes), and excellent music. I LOVE the music. While playing, I was sometimes tempted to stand up and dance because of some of the tracks! I really hope that Ertal Games can make a DLC with all of the musics of the game. I noticed something confusing though: the illustrations aren't made by the same person. Sometimes, I had difficulties to recognize Alex White in the illustrations, even if they were really well-made. In some illustrations, he is blond, in some has brown hair. Overall, this is a really good game. I do not regret buying it.. The story of this game is executed perfectly. All characters felt likeable and believable too. The design of characters: Beautiful execution. I just have to give this game a positive review. This is definitely the best yaoi game on steam. Studio Ertal Games created a really gud game.. I'm a BIG fan of BL so this was really fun for me! Based on the achievements, there is about 6 or more endings, some good and some bad. I've only gone threw one playthrough and I'm on my second now. Even though this is a visual novel, I love that you get choices that change the story a bit! I'm choosing slight different options on my second playthrough and I'm getting a different, albeit similar in parts, story! I think the story is pretty interesting but it's kinda short. I'm an average reader so the first playthrough took me about less than four hours. The characters are very likable in their own ways, each with distinct personalities. My favorite is Rick! :D Its a really nice game/novella to play when you want to relax and its really fun for a BL fan like me. I would love to see more of these and maybe even an expansion of this particular universe (setting/story/ect). I was happy/sad when I finished my first playthrough, happy because it was a satisfying ending imo and sad because I wanted more! I won't oversell it, I really enjoyed this but it IS a visual novel so some might find all the reading boring. I personally found the story engaging, interesting and even erotic -- which I wasn't expecting but was welcomed haha! Now the price is a bit much for an interactive novel so you might prefer to wait until its on sale.

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