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About This Game

Divided Light is a 3D puzzle-platformer where you use light to change your world. Navigate a deep space landscape using thoughtful combinations of light sources and colors to alter the environment and solve puzzles.

  • Wield light as your tool, removing obstacles and revealing new pathways.
  • Combine different colors to change the world differently.
  • Use machines to create new effects and solve more challenging puzzles.
  • Compete with friends and the world to achieve faster times through in game leaderboards.

Title: A Divided Light
Genre: Casual, Indie
Pinky Up Games
Pinky Up Games
Release Date: 3 Apr, 2018


+ Fun gameplay
+ Good music
+ Interesting concept
+ No time constraints
+ About 4 hours of playing time

- Sluggish controls
- Inability to accurately aim\/direct the player when throwing the orbs
- Sometimes poor\/obstructed camera positioning
- If you die from jumping off of a platform with no place to land, you will frequently respawn in mid-air, creating an endless die-respawn-die cycle, which can be broken only be restarting the level
- It is possible to trap yourself (box yourself into a corner), where the only way out is to restart the level

Another reviewer mentioned time trials. There are no time constraints you must reach in order to successfully complete each level, but there are achievements for finishing levels with "gold" time (no explanation provided of what "gold" time is) and there are leaderboards for best times.

Despite the issues noted above, this was still a fun game, so I definitely recommend it.. The mechanic is interesting and in most of the levels its application is pretty clever, but I wish that the game had been a bit longer so that it could have been explored some more; it has a ton of potential and I would hate to see it end here.

I'm a sucker for time trials so for me that is easily the most enjoyable part of the game. The trials, while a bit obscure, offer a lot of replayability, even beyond the medals. Starting up the game and seeing that someone beat your time by a ridiculously large margin affords an opportunity to revisit that level and try to approach it a different way. Bigger titles would have their shortcuts and "exploits" patched out shortly after they're discovered, but I think that A Divided Light<\/i> would benefit from a different approach:

Leave them in. Embrace them, even<\/i>.

I realize I'm a bit biased here since, at the time of this writing, I currently hold first place for all 20 levels, but hear me out. Speed-running is a huge scene with a lot of fans, and finding all the quirky little shortcuts in a game is really fun. I praised the cleverness of most puzzles above, but players will feel all the more clever for discovering there are corners they can toss orbs around, whole sections they can skip with a well-timed jump. While I'm sure that wasn't necessarily intentional, I don't really see that as bad design. There's a right way to do the puzzle that is cool and interesting, and there's a wrong way that is clever and fun. There's finishing<\/i> the game and then there's beating it<\/i>. The puzzles will require some thought for sure, but the time trials and the leaderboards will require even more, and I think that's great.

tl;dr: I like this game and I hope to see more.

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