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What a transparent proxy is: an easy explanation

A proxy is a server that sits between your computer (the client) and the website’s server you are trying to visit (the internet). It can be used to filter, authenticate and cache your requests. A transparent proxy can do precisely that while ‘being invisible,’ or in other words, clients whose traffic is directed through such proxy aren’t aware of its existence.

How does a transparent proxy work?

An ordinary proxy passes your requests to the internet on your behalf. Your request…


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What is PGP encryption and how can you use it?

f you don’t encrypt your emails or files, you are leaving them out in the open. Anyone snooping on your traffic or using your device can read them. Find out what PGP encryption is and how it can improve your online privacy.

What is PGP?

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is an industry-recognized encryption standard that provides privacy and ensures the authenticity of data you send or receive. PGP can be used to encrypt and decrypt text, emails, files or entire disk partitions as well as to…


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Can hackers steal your hard-earned loyalty benefits?

We rarely associate loyalty programs with high fraud risk. Because they rarely involve money transactions, customers tend not to be concerned about their safety. Same for the companies offering them. This creates a perfect space for hackers to snatch your hard-earned bonus points for valuable free goodies.

How you can lose

Fraudsters usually target companies with weak loyalty scheme security. Loyalty fraud expert Laura Hurdelbrink has said that electronic cards are really easy to…


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Rahasia Paling Jitu Mengatasi Komedo di Wajah

Komedo yang membandel kerap mengganggu penampilan. Komedo sebenarnya merupakan pori-pori kulit wajah yang membesar dan terisi oleh minyak dan sel kulit mati. Beberapa komedo bahkan berubah menjadi hitam bukan karena kotor, namun karena telah terjadi oksidasi yang diakibatkan oleh udara bertemu dengan minyak berlebih dan kulit mati tersebut.cara mengeluarkan komedo putih

Hidung adalah area yang paling sering berkomedo…


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Cara Menghilangkan Komedo di Wajah dengan Bahan Alami

Meski tergolong sebagai jenis jerawat ringan, banyak orang mempermasalahkan timbulnya komedo di wajah atau bagian tubuh lainnya.cara mengeluarkan komedo di hidung

Komedo juga akan membuat orang-orang yang mengalaminya menjadi merasa kehilangan rasa percaya diri. Tak hanya terjadi pada wajah, munculnya komedo pun juga dapat tumbuh di beberapa bagian tubuh lainnya seperti leher, dada, bahu, punggung, serta…


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Global Beer Processing Market Outlook 2018

The "Beer Processing - Global Market Outlook (2018-2027)" report has been added to's brewing equipment

The Global Beer Processing market accounted for $644.62 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $1008.62 billion by 2027 growing at a CAGR of 5.1% during the forecast period.

Some of the key factors such as the increasing number of microbreweries & brewpubs and rapid advancements in…


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Wholesale Hair Extensions Offered By Secret of Medusa

Secret of Medusa is shaking up the hair industry by offering wholesale premium quality hair extensions at a competitive price for professional stylists who take pride in carrying only the best hair extensions for their customers. Unlike many other extension brands, Secret of Medusa chooses quality hair and ethical sourcing in their products over misleading information or undercutting customers in order to make a quick profit.Hair…


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An Expat Talks about Living in Tianjin

It's a relatively small English-speaking expat community. There are clubs to join, but to meet others all you have to do is go to The Broadway, a Western restaurant in town. Every expat in the city ends up there at some time or another. For lack of another, it is our community in tianjin

There's not a whole lot of diversity among the…


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Welcome to the very English private school in Shanghai

With rugby teams practising on its playing fields against the backdrop of a red-brick bell tower, Dulwich College is the picture of a quintessentially English private school.

But this is Shanghai, and the near-clone of the college’s 400-year old parent in London is one of a growing number of prestigious British educational institutions lending their names to newly minted offshoots abroad.

Officials at the UK’s Department for International…


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Teaching in a Continual Professionally Developing World

The importance of keeping up to date with the ever-changing world of science cannot be underestimated in our contemporary society where high standards and accountability are demanded by all. To show that one is keeping abreast of these areas companies and professional bodies require proof of Continual Professional Development (CPD). CPD (Continuing Professional…


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China’s Young Tennis Aces Court Colleges, Pro Status

Off the court, the sixth-grader from Wuxi, in eastern China’s Jiangsu province, speaks quietly and gently. But when it’s game time, she’s laser-focused as she chases the ball, moving energetically across the court.Children tennis in Shanghai

Despite an overall trend of declining health and athleticism among Chinese children, a growing number of young people are taking…


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british International schools in China

Search for the best international schools in China; you can find a list at the bottom of this page. Use the search filters to select only girls' or boys' schools, prep schools, senior schools or sixth forms; or you can search for schools that offer a particular curriculum, such as the International Baccalaureate, the UK national curriculum, a US-style model or the International Primary Curriculum.british school in…


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Electric-car startup Nio loses co-founder

Nio, the Chinese electric-car startup that had grand plans, has been stuck in choppy waters recently. Adding to some of the company's misfortune is the news Nio co-founder Jack Cheng plans to leave the company.To get more nio cars, you can visit shine news official website.

The Financial Times first reported on Cheng's departure after obtaining an internal memo. A Nio…


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Chinese Football Association to hand control of Super League to clubs

Control of the Chinese Super League, China’s top football league, is being handed over by the Chinese Football Association to the competition’s clubs in an effort to encourage its commercial development.To get more chinese football, you can visit shine news official website.

Currently, the CSL is run by an operating company in which the CFA holds a controlling 36-per-cent stake…


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Cara Ampuh Mengatasi Kulit Wajah Kering & Mengelupas

Kulit merupakan lapisan terluar tubuh manusia yang penting untuk menjaga bagian dalam tubuh. Kulit juga merupakan salah satu bagian tubuh yang paling dijaga oleh seluruh manusia di dunia, terutama oleh kaum wanita. cara membersihkan komedo di hidung

Kulit wajah yang mulus, bersih, segar, fresh, dan terawat merupakan kulit impian yang didamba-dambakan oleh semua wanita. Namun, kenyataan memang tidak selalu seindah…


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Tak Seperti Wanita, Ini 7 Cara Perawatan Wajah bagi Pria

Cara merawat wajah pria dengan wanita tentu berbeda. Lazimnya, kulit pria cenderung lebih berminyak dan tebal dengan wanita. Kulit pria rata-rata memiliki pori-pori wajah yang lebih besar.

Mencuci muka saja tak cukup untuk menjaga kulit pria tetap sehat dan bersih. Untuk menghindari kulit kering dan kusam, kamu juga harus tahu cara merawat wajah pria. Apalagi, pria tak bisa menggunakan bermacam kosmetik untuk menutupi kondisi kulitnya seperti halnya wanita.…


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Banyak sekali bahan alami yang dapat dijadikan sebagai perawatan tambahan sebagai salah satu cara melembabkan kulit wajah yang di luar produk-produk yang ada di pasaran. Tanpa dibantu dengan perawatan bahan alami, kulit kamu mungkin membutuhkan waktu yang lebih lama untuk bisa lepas dari permasalahan melembabkan kulit wajah kamu selama ini. Minyak zaitun adalah salah satu bahan alami yang bisa kamu gunakan untuk melembabkan kulit wajah kamu, ladies. Dengan menggunakan minyak zaitun sebagai…


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The Best Makeup for Eyelash Extensions

The good news about your eyelash extensions is that they look amazing. The bad news: Half your eye-makeup collection needs to go. True, eyelash extensions can last for up to six weeks, but wearing the wrong makeup with them can lead to lash fallout and extension damage, dramatically decreasing the length of time your lash extensions look full and fabulous.Best wholesale eyelash vendor

Honestly, it's sad…


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Why do we stop producing Cambodian hair extensions?

There are some specific reasons that make Apohair stop exporting Cambodian hair extensions to the international market.

Firstly, although Cambodian hair extensions are easy to use and can be mixed with a variety of colors, sometimes, the hair is sometimes dry and fiber. For that reason, the hair is easy to be damaged and become shedding if you do not take a really careful concern of the hair extensions.Hair manufacturers



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The city is actually split in two, with the old town and the Binhai New Area, a rapidly developing part of town with a load of huge international companies opening up. Here are some of the reasons you’d consider living and teaching English in Tianjin, where there are plenty of jobs and demand is outstripping supply. For salary info and living costs information, as well as visa requirements, check out our guide to China.…


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