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Tweaking tastes and creating cravings

Everyone who eats food from the grocery store should watch this. Its about "Natural Flavor". The video interviews the actual chemists who create these products and even admit that they use beaver's anal glands to make vanilla and strawberry "natural flavors". GOOD WATCH!!…


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Fat...Is that just ME??

Have you ever felt that Fat is just you....maybe this is how you are made, maybe this is just who I am.....some people are just blessed with skinny fit bodies but not me, I was cursed with a "slow metabolism" and I'm just designed to be fat! No matter what I do, no matter how much I try I struggle.......

I know the feeling too well.....I struggle with these thoughts, my whole life...I struggle more then some others with my weight fluctuation. But for every problem my body is…


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Holiday POUNDS!!!

So i'm sure many of us are in the same boat....if your not then GOOD ON YOU, seriously that is great!!!

I for one will say that I enjoyed the festivities.....I had a lot of Christmas parties to go to and they all had a good selection of ......lets just say YUM!! 

I have always said, life is not about never having the foods you love but eating those foods with BALANCE!!  Well, I maybe fell away from my own advice over the holiday season but i'm human too you know…


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I'm Looking forward to all the people who have recently joined and are getting on board.  

#1 New Years resolutions are to lose weight; before it was usually all talk and no action because most people didn't know how to do it properly to keep it off.  But if you have found My Slim Fix it is a reality and you can do it.....and the great part about it is that its only days away from getting that much closer to your goal!!

Start blogging and sharing your daily…


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20 Worst Drinks in America

WOW, I was reading through the Mens Health site and I came across this article.


I am amazed by the comparables of these!!  You gotta go through this list of 20 worse drinks!!


How many of you would have thought Just ONE McDonald’s Triple Thick Chocolate Shake is 1,160 cals equivalent to eating 13 McDonald’s Baked Hot Apple Pies!!



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Not so sweet: Even "100 percent pure" orange juice is artificially flavoured

Check out this link on how orange juice is made.  


Not so sweet: Even "100 percent pure" orange juice is artificially flavoured

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Trying to break into the 230's

The one thing I can taste besides P2 foods is getting into the 230's!!!  I'm sooo close and I want it so bad.......Trying to stay disciplined, trusting protocol & keeping the goal always in mind.  I really enjoy P3 so I am looking forward to getting there but not before getting into the low 230's OR lower!!   



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When facing temptation JUST RUN!!!!!

SO, last night went out bowling with some out of town family....after bowling their plan was to go back to their place and they were going to order Chinese food!! Really, Chinese food?? Cheesecake temptation on Saturday now Chinese food temptation on Monday LOL??  


I really like Chinese food you?? Anyways I was getting pretty hungry after an active day and a couple rounds of bowling. I was really thinking back to my cheesecake situation I posted about a couple days…


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P2 - fighting temptation & WON!!!!

Went to a friends birthday party yesterday; before we left I was kinda craving some sweets and I thought to myself "OH BOY this may not be long as they don't have cheesecake." (my weakness).


So we get there, go into the house and guess whats waiting there for me to start the brawl?? Thats right, CHEESECAKE all different flavors too!!


I could hear the fight begin in my head, the announcer went off as typical fighting style "Ladies and Gentlemen men,…


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First off I want to say this is one story....I can not verify that this is an active practice other than what is described in this video but I cant help but lean towards it being true after we all know what kind of chemicals are in our everyday food. Take it for what its worth, don't believe everything you see on the internet, do your own research as well. But if this is true, it is a real eye opener and very disturbing.......


WHAT IS MEAT GLUE? Like any industry, meat…


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Hey, how is everyone doing?? So just wanting to hear from everyone on how what ever phase your on is going, including P4!!

I'm currently on R2 P2 D8 and down 12lbs!! The warmer weather is making me crave all the ice cream shops that are now opening but I have been defeating temptation.

What have you been going through, what have been your struggles & and what is your success??

Its great to keep bouncing things off each other, learning from each others… Continue

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P1 Loading what did I learn about myself??

Okay, well I did 3 days of loading....In my first 2 days I ate hamburgers,fries, pizza (meat lovers), eggs & cheese, pretty much high fatty foods but I stayed away from most sweet foods (cake pastries ect).....all my food even the bun and carbs from the burger and fries were always eaten with protein. Even pop, ice tea all eaten with higher protein meal.


So after my 2nd day of loading I weighed myself thinking I should be wayyy up (even ate McDonalds), so i step on the…


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P2 Day 1 BEGINS!!!

Okay here we go again!!! R3P2D1 and were off!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Loading and dropped weight!!

I just finished day 2 of loading and on my final day 3....I weighed on day 1 and I have dropped now -14LBS from 2 days of loading below any LSW that I have been at!! What the heck!! LOL.....

I'm suppose to gain weight not drop weight from loading...???..??

Seriously lost 14lbs in two days of eating junk!! Can you say that my metabolism is working great or what??

I will elaborate more on this later just in a little shock right now that this… Continue

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R2 Experiment.....

Okay, many of you heard me say I was on a half R2 last time....and I was. I began R2 and lost approx 20lbs (after loading of 10lbs lol).


Well on day 10 I realized I was going to have a major planned interruption and there was no way I would be able to stay on protocol (snowmobile in the B.C mountains). So I ended and went into P3 on Day 15, approx -10lbs below my R1 LSW.  At the same time I figured this would be an experiment to see what would happen if I or someone did not…


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Okay, Gearing up for P1

Okay, Im gearing up to start P1....load, load, load!! I'm deciding if I want to do 2 or 3 days of loading?? Hmmm?? Maybe 2 1/2..?? What do you guys think??

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Hey everyone!! Hows everyone been doing??  


Okay well I am now officially done P3B and I am gearing up to begin a full Round starting next week!!


I'm pretty excited and I will be trying a few experiments to see if it will make P2 more successful for me, if it works out I will share my experience.





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Forces that Form your Future

I'm reading another book called Forces that form your future, By Kevin Gerald.  It teaches how your life is like an empty field.  The seeds that you plant today are what will grow tomorrow.  Pertain this to any part of you life you want, but I think it can really pertain to our journey to become healthy.  Let me quote some of my readings:



Envision your life and your future as an empty field...a piece of raw dirt given to you to do whatever you want to do…


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Anyone want to join me on my next round??

I will be starting my next round in the first half of April (exact date still to come).

Wondering if anyone wants to start at the same time?? I think its great to go through it at the same time as others to share experiences and support!!

If your interested, leave your comment below and I will let you know a more exact date in a few days!!


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Blogs or Forums??

I would love for everyone to add their wisdom and knowledge for us all to learn from each other.  We all have soo much to offer, I am very excited!!  

I would like to explain how I would like the topics you start to be organized and where you should seach for a discussion that may already be started.....let me explain to you the difference of My Slim Fix Blogs tab and…


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