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We encourage you to • General discussion about the game. • Build discussions. • Search for guilds and masters. • Share guides and tutorials. anybody have a pvp guide and build for flurry? or any tips? anything is available in pvp, lancea's have the extra advantage because there are 25 May 2018 She's great in pvp due to large amounts of super armor break and freezing .. The Lancea also, understandably, does not have a spin off class. 11 May 2018 18 May 2016 Skill Build For Pvp Flurry (Physical) - posted in Lancea: I'm a newbie here at DN (just started a week ago) and I'm enjoying the game so much. 18 Jul 2016 NightRaid Flurry Lancea Guide & Skill Build Flurry Level 90 Dragon . I have yet to test how Flurry MP consumption at level 90 PVP (Flurry I 11 Sep 2015 are so hype of the new class in Dragon Nest, the Lancea, it's time for another guide. In terms of PvP, well I can say that Flurry has a small advantage against28 fevr. 2017 [image] Cliquez sur les icones pour decouvrir les guides de classes [PVP - Ingenieur DPS par @Troader_Nora ] (Wildstar - Guide / Build


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